26th March – 2nd April 2016

So what about the new hot tub?  Could we be bothered leaving the cosy cottage to strip off our kit and face the icy wind and sliding Spring temperatures?  Bothered?  of course we could and it was wonderful!

At the end of the day what could be more relaxing than sitting under the stars watching the distant glow of Aberdeen providing it’s own northern lights.  Directly above us we gazed at the constellations without consternation as satellites, space stations and shooting stars traced their path across the affirmment.  Our silent soundtrack was accentuated by the soothing gurgle of the water and the distant calls of Oystercatchers and Tawny owls.

Donna & Roddy have added another dimension to Drumhead Cottage and we will be keen to beat a return to this great holiday venue.

Other highlights from our trip include Sunday lunch at Kildrummy Hotel, horse riding on the Glen Tanner estate, climbing Clachnaben, Lochnigar resplendent in it’s snowy winter garb and lunch in the ‘hornblower’ in Gourdon – not to mention the myriad of local walks.

We have had a great holiday and feel recharged, relaxed and fit to face the fray! Thanks

Irene, Katrina, Derek & Kirsty


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